Artizan Terrarium Kit

The Artizan Terrarium Kit is designed to give you a layered, moody, forest feel with many shades and textures.  It comes with everything you need to build and maintain your garden.


What's included:


Tall Artizan Terrarium

Miniature Garden Tools

Air Plant Fertilizer

Air Plants

Moss Variety

Grapevine Wood Piece

Decorative Seeds




  • Full Diameter: 6 3/4"
  • Opening Diameter: 3 5/8" 
  • Height: 7 3/4"


COLD WEATHER SHIPPING: Check the weather in your area during shipment times. A heat pack is highly recommended if temperatures fall below 40 degrees. You can purchase a heat pack under "Supplies".


Artizan Terrarium Kit

Rock Color
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