I fell in love with Tillandsia when I was gifted with an Ionantha at the holiday’s and it has been a plant romance ever since.  Our greenhouse is located at our home with constant care and oversight to produce and propagate the healthiest and most beautiful plants.  I started with very few plants and began crafting my designs with nature and trends in mind.  The interest was astonishing and it grew quickly from there.   I have always had an interest in plants and growing things but I was amazed at all that can be done with Tillandsia and the ease of care. No soil - the design ideas that can come of such a plant is endless.  For me that was just the start.  The variety, sizes and beauty were just captivating.  One of my absolute favorite things to do in the evenings is take my husband, some good music, and a glass of wine to the greenhouse and propagate the pups which are the culmination of all our work and dedication. I love the lifestyle and simple joy of being at one with my plants.

-Jennifer Hagaman

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